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Pure & Simple helps clients pare down and organize, while inspiring them to live life to the fullest by clearing out clutter that is accumulating in their homes and lives. Most of my clients call me in as back up to help resolve their organizing “situation”.


This is where the whole process starts. This gives us a chance to meet in person, and gives me a chance to “meet the space”.

We will also discuss organizing goals and needs, take a home tour to see what is working and what is not and create a plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be.



  • Sort, Edit, & Eliminate

    Decluttering is an important step along the journey to becoming organized.


    Sort items into categories
    keeping like with like.


    Review categories to determine what to keep, trash, and donate.


    Removal of unwanted items
    (if applicable)
  • Assign Everything a home

    Once we have sorted and eliminated, we will assign homes for each category of items.

    Things that are used often will be placed within easy reach. Things that are used infrequently will go to a less accessible place.

  • Product Sourcing & Purchasing

    Once we have pared down to only the items you intend to keep, then we will discuss organizing products and materials based on your goals and budget for the project.

  • Installation of Organizing System

    Now comes the fun part: Get the space organized!

    Items that are deemed “Keep” will make their way back into the space in an organized fashion.

    The organizing system will be tailored to you and your family’s needs.