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Pure & Simple handles all aspects of the estate sale, including the organizing, pricing, and advertising. We handle the bookkeeping, maintain the safety and security of the merchandise, and our friendly staff provides great customer service.



This is where the whole process starts. This gives us a chance to meet in person, and gives me a change to “meet the space”.

Think of it like our “first date” where we are getting to know one another all while taking a home tour and discussing goals and timeline.

The consultation sets us up for success to make sure that your goals are outlined and that we can match those goals in our Estate Sale Plan.


After the consultation, I deliver your Estate Sale Plan to communicate the task list and project fees.

  • Sort, Organize & Price

    Preparing the home for the sale is an important step along the journey.


    Sort items into similar categories


    Organize categories for an efficient sale


    Merchandise and display items for buyers


    Research and price all items for sale
  • Market, Market, Market

    Once we have sorted and organized, we will begin marketing the sale to attract buyers.


    Email Contact List


    Estate Sale Directories


    Online Classified Ads

    Social Media Coverage (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)


    Local Newspaper Ads (when necessary)
  • Host a weekend Estate Sale

    Now comes the fun part!

    The sale takes place on a weekend and is hosted anywhere between two and three days, depending on the size of the sale.


    Entry numbers are handed out to initial crowd


    Crowd and property control to ensure safety and security


    Staff on site to assist customers with questions


    Arrangement made for pick up of large purchases
  • Estate Final Clean Out

    This is an optional step for families looking for the easiest transition possible.

    We take care of remaining items that did not sell and prepare the home for its new journey.