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How do I get started?

I’m so glad that you are ready to take the first step and make this a seamless and worry free transition!

The first step is an in-home consultation. During that time we will tour the home, discuss goals and options, and finalize a timeline. Based on your feedback, I will draw up an Estate Sale Plan that maps out the process and fees. The consultation fee is $175.

How should i prepare?

First, spend some time thinking about your goals and expectations so that you can communicate those to us. From there, we can work together to create an Estate Sale Plan that fits your needs the best.

Should i research my items prior to the consultation?

Finding more information about collections and heirlooms is always helpful, not to mention fun! If you want to research some of your items beforehand, then we can certainly use that information when sorting and pricing the items before the Estate Sale.

One thing to keep in mind, online research can produce inflated ideas as to an item’s worth and fair market price. We price items according to research of the item, past sales, and current market conditions.

What kind of fees can I expect?

The Estate Sale Plan will detail project fees from beginning to end which includes the setup fee, commission for items sold, and clean out fee.

Do you recommend that I be present during the Estate Sale?

Estate Sales are extremely fun and exciting for us to host, but we do not recommend that family members be present during those times. The emotional aspect of seeing family items leave the home can take a toll on oneself.

What if I wanted to host my own sale?

We would be happy to assist you in organizing, sorting, and pricing your merchandise. An hourly fee would apply - our marketing expertise would not be included.

If we plan to sell the home after the Estate Sale, can you recommend a realtor?

We would be happy to make several recommendations based on personal relationships and a strong reputation in the area.

Do you clean out the home at the end of the estate sale?

We would be happy to take that final step for you and your family for an additional fee.

What if the home is in disrepair and hosting an estate sale onsite is unsafe?

We do not offer off-site Estate Sales at this time, but would be happy to make a recommendation to another local estate sale liquidator.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice by email or phone call.