It is now March 4th, and I hope that spring is right around the corner.  I woke up Saturday, opened the blinds, scratched my eyes and said, "Is that snow?!"  Yep, it was snow ... again.  I'm kinda over it.  Night night old man winter.  ;

I have knocked it out of the ballpark this week with recipes.  First was my lasagna, then my Crock Pot BBQ (beef), then my veggie pizza.  I'm sure the Crock Pot BBQ will end up on the blog next week. ;) So let's talk about this lasagna shall we.

I realize the southern blizzard was days ago … although it seems like weeks ago! I touched on the subject here with a recap of the weekend. However, I have since been busy as a bumble bee (new tagline?) and haven’t had a chance to blog about The Blizzard of 2013.