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Do you often wonder what something is worth?  Maybe that secretary desk or your favorite teapot.  Maybe you've got some stuff sitting in the closet that you think is junk but your family thinks is treasure.  

I take great pride in every single one of our estate sales.  If you've been to one, then you've likely seen my smiling face greeting you as you walk up the driveway and thanking you for stopping by.  If you've been a family member of our estate sale, then you will likely know that I do all I can to make this a stress-free transition for all.  Come take a look at a recent sale! 

Do you have an entrepreneur on your Christmas List?  I've got you covered with some simple (but highly appreciated) gift ideas for s/he! :)

Do you visit local resale stores when traveling out of town for vacation?  If you find yourself in Asheville, then I highly recommend visiting their ReStore.  Its my favorite store! 

If you've ever wondered "Where should we eat when we go to Asheville?", then look no further!  I've got you covered from beers to tacos to doughnuts! :)  

Santa & I worked very hard on these awesome spreadsheets.  We wanted to give you a gift a little early.  The gift of stress-free gifting. You're welcome. ;) 

Come along with me on our Day of Fun as I tell you all about Linville Falls, the Orchard at Altapass, and Little Switzerland.  All just a short drive away from Charlotte! :) 

Are you a small business owner who feels that business is growing but you're having a hard time hanging on?  

25 Things...


Fun personal post on 25 things you may (or may not) know about me. :)

I love school and office supplies - especially when they are super cute.  If you do to, then I highly recommend heading to the Studio C Sample Sale this weekend (Friday & Saturday).