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Piles of stuff staring you in the face & you've resolved to tackle it this year?  Read on to find out how we took care of piles in Summer's bedroom/home office!

If you don't have a mudroom in your home but NEED one like yesterday, then read on about how to create a mudroom in your garage! 

Christmas cheer and holiday laughs - a quick recap of our holiday season. 

How to pack up and organize your Christmas decorations for next year.  Lets get to the UnDecorating! 

Be sure to check out my Charlotte Today segment! I'm talking about the downsizing process & how it can be freeing!

We're Moving!


We are pretty excited about this...  

Let's head down to Clover, SC and take a look at some of their historical homes (and other places - not just homes). 

Are you ready for another day of fun?  This time we are heading up 321 to Blowing Rock, NC!

Pretty doesn't come to me naturally.  Practical does.  I like to use formulas and equations to help break down a room so I can recreate something beautiful at home.  

Looking to book a weekend getaway in Asheville, but not sure where to stay.  I've got you covered with a slew of details + a price comparison on why we only stay at the Biltmore Village Inn!