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All that "bonus" space going to waste housing piles of put-off-decisions?  Here is a before and after that might get you motivated!

Now is a great time to tackle those garage spaces - come take a look at this before and after. 

Moving will put even the professional organizer to the test, whether downsizing or upsizing.  Check out what are place looks like two days after moving in. 

A fun recap of our snow day fun.  (aka the blizzard of 2016 in NC) (totally not a blizzard but we don't care)

Downsizing is such a hot topic these days at the senior center.  Who's doing it?  How are they doing it?  Is it expensive? We chimed in with our Downsizing 101 presentation to a group who's got downsizing on the brain.

A week full of fun birthday activities.  Like coconut cake and a trip to Asheville. 

Did you make any resolutions this year?  Were they very specific?  Were they encouraging?  Read on to hear what I came up with for the year and how they differed from years past.  

January is National Get Organized Month! Who's ready to tackle their piles? 

A girl on a mission can accomplish much.  Like transforming red walls and a nightclub "lounge" into a grown up dining space.  

Check out behind-the-scenes of our segment on WBTV.  Thinking about downsizing?  Then be sure to watch the clip!